Memory Tracks
Support Android


Watch the video or follow these easy steps

  • From the Menu select ‘Create Activity’

  • Click on ‘Select one of the pre-set activities’

  • Select a Tile

  • Click on ‘Select a song’

  • Scroll down the ‘Select a song’ page until you find the song you want. Click on the song.

  • Confirm your selection of Activity and Song by clicking the orange ‘save’ button at the bottom right of the ‘Create…’ screen.

  • You have set up a new Tile.

Watch the video or follow these easy steps

  • Memory Tracks has a radio feature

  • Click on the Radio icon in the top right of the screen

  • The radio player has a Play and Pause button.

Note: When online the Radio will play randomly from the Memory Tracks catalogue. When offline, not connected to either Wi-Fi or 4G, the Radio will play from the songs cached to the device following previous plays

Watch the video or follow these easy steps

  • Press and keep pressing on the current Activity Tiles that you wish to schedule

  • On the ‘Edit Memory Track’ page at the bottom

  • Click on the Set up a schedule tick-box

  • Click on Select a time

  • Select the time of choice from the standard 24HR menu and press OK

  • Confirm your selection using the orange save button

  • You will see a small clock icon on the Tile you have scheduled to indicate your selection