Memory Tracks


Memory Tracks works at the interface of health, technology and music. We develop services for ourselves, and for others. Here are our own development projects:


We have developed a platform and app that supports people living with cognitive challenges like ADD and ADHD.

LifeTracks harnesses the power of music to support people who want to improve their health and mental wellbeing. The personalised app connects memorable songs to needs, tasks, or activities, through a process we call 'song-task-association'. LifeTracks can be used in many different situations to support cognitive conditions, physical or mental well-being.

We are working with NHS Highland and the NHS Testbed in Scotland to study the feasibility of using our song-task-association platform to support people to yake their medication regularly and on time.

In February 2024 we secured a second phase to the development of MedTracks with NHS Scotland. In June 2024 the second phase began.